友人のハクパ・ギャルブさん(写真1)から「2017年ネパール通信25 余話12 ネパールの物価上昇に関するライト・エクスペディションのための考察」に関して、新しく変わった旅行(トレッキング)規則のコメント(下記)が寄せられましたので、お知らせします。

写真1 1970年代に氷河の調査をした東ネパール・クンブ地域のハージュン基地で気象観測するハクパ・ギャルブさん

L G SHERPA ( Marushin Shitaka KK Nepal Office 1992) <marushin@mos.com.np>
2018/01/12 (金) 23:21’FUSHIMI HIROJI’ (fushimih@hotmail.co.jp)
Greetings of all former GEN related sathi haru.
I thoroughly assumed the content of Dr. H. Fushimi and written regarding TIMS card and National Park entrance fee.
After the implementation of local level elections throughout Nepal especially for Khumbu above Kharikhola TIMS card has been replaced and directly collecting by Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality and the National Park Entrance Fee 3000 NPR with 130% Value Added Tax is unchanged.
From years the TIMS card fee 2000 Rs was collected and accumulated in the account of Nepal Tourism Board, which was not utilized for the people and area ( Khumbu), There were much dissatisfactions paid by tourism private sector but as the nation is practicing federalism the federal law and regulations delivered central government authority to local level so we forced and repelled the mounting pressures.
Lhakpa Gyalu Sherpa

なお、ハクパさんに改めて聞きますと、東ネパールのクンブ地域に行く場合は、TIMSの2000ルピーとNational Park entrance feeの3900ルピー(3000 with 130% Value Added Tax)をルクラからガートに行く途中のKhumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Officeで支払うように、新しく変わったとのことです。